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There Are About 100 Ways To Go About Draping​

Yes, you read it right—there are over 100 ways you can wear a sari. Such a huge number of variations occurs due to differences in geography and cultures among and within countries. Take India as an example; there are many cultures within the country which have influenced the manner in which saris are worn.
So, whenever you wear a sari, always remember that there is no single way of going about it.


The Story of Dupatta

Once upon a time in a small village in India, there lived a young girl named Rhea. Rhea was known throughout the village for her beautiful dupattas, which she wore with pride and elegance.

Rhea’s dupattas were made of fine silk and were adorned with intricate embroidery and bright colors. Every day, she would wear a different dupatta, and the villagers would gather around her to admire her beauty and her fashion sense.

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